What makes the Rapid Pump different?

  • High rate of fish pumping with minimal impact to fish quality
  • Constructed of lightweight, heat treated marine grade aluminum castings, the rapid pump requires minimal hydraulic flow / power requirements
  • Superior construction - all components are coated with a high wear compound to prevent corrosion and wear.
  • Improved hydraulic motor mount - a water tight seal prevents salt water from contacting the hydraulic motor and shaft. This ensures long life and easy removal if service is required.

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Rapid Pump
Rapid pumps, also known as seine pumps, are the perfect solution for loading fishing vessels quickly.

Its lightweight design enables efficient operation reducing the power needed to operate. The impeller is designed to handle fish with care opposed to traditional style pumps that were designed for irrigation purposes and adapted to fish pumping.

The rapid pump is designed to pump fish from the seine into the fishing vessel at a high rate of transfer. The impeller design is such that it transfers fish with care minimizing damage. Constructed of cast aluminum, the pump is highly efficient requiring less power than traditional centrifugal pumps. All aluminum components are coated with a corrosion and abrasion resistant material. The standard configuration includes a hydraulic motor that, when connected to a flow control, offers variable speed control.

Rapid Pump

Rapid Accessories:

  • Dewatering elbow
  • Foot valve
  • Hydraulic controls

Rapid Accessory            Rapid Accessory