What makes the CanaVac different?

The CanaValve

Unlike rigid flapper door valves common on other pumps, the CanaValve operates gently, allowing fish to pass effortlessly.

Gentle Handling

Fish enter the pump in a low rotational flow and settle very gently in the tank as they enter.

Fish Always Exit the Tank Head or Tail First

The exit trough gently guides fish into proper alignment before exiting the tank. This prevents any bridging of fish causing damage or mortality.

Reliable & Corrosion Resistant

Built with corrosion resistant materials and PVC five-way ball valves that are adjustable and user-serviceable.

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Canavac fish pump

CanaVac Fish Pumps for Aquaculture, fish passage, and wild catch

CanaVac fish pumps are the most gentle fish handling option available. With many traditional methods of fish handling, fish make contact with impellers, rigid check valves, high pressure streams and damaging tank designs. The CanaVac fish pump solves these problems with a design created to handle fish without causing damage, scale loss or stress.

Inventive Marine Products has over 30 years of experience in the pumping of live fish. The CanaVac was designed as a live fish transfer pump for all aspects of live fish pumping. CanaVac has evolved to become the leader in all areas of fish pumping from aquaculture to commercial fishing. CanaVac fish pumps can transfer a wide range of sizes from smolt to adult fish without damage, scale loss or stress.


Standard Configurations

Single chamber:
Batch flow, low to medium capacity

Double chamber:
Continuous flow, medium to high volume. Ideal for long distance pumping

Available in:
electric, diesel, hydraulic and gasoline drives

Inlet / outlet options:
6, 8, 10, 12 inch

Handles fish from 50g to 20kg
Capacity is 5-100 tonnes per hour
Electric, diesel, and hydraulic power options

CanaVac fish pump
canaVac fish pump

Custom Integrations

Electric, hydraulic, or diesel

Stationary or mobile design

Modifications to increased horizontal and vertical ranges of fish sizes

canavac fish pump