Vessel Installation

CanaVac pumps offer a high rate of transfer while at the same time delivering a pristine fish. This ensures you will get the best price for your fish while not sacrificing pumping speed. CanaVac systems have commonly been used in the Alaskan wild salmon fishery installed on many “salmon tenders”.

Canavac fish pump

Mobile / Offloading

CanaVac mobile systems are truly an all in one solution to offloading fishing vessels. Installed on an industrial, aluminum welded tandem axle trailer these systems are designed to transfer fish from the boat to truck quickly and with minimal set up time. To give a true self contained solution, the systems are powered by a diesel engine which not only powers the fish pump, but its onboard hydraulic system. The hydraulics powers the boom, winch, washdown pump and optional dewatering conveyor.

Mobile offloading canavac fish pump
Canavac Sig Hansen Northwestern

Why are CanaVac Fish Pumps perfect for Wild Catch?

  • Speed of pumping
  • Build quality and simple, trouble free operation
  • Delivery time ( often these orders are placed at the last minute)

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