Fixed Installation & Containerized

A secure installation that helps to minimize any visual or audible effect on the environment. Operation can simply be fully automatic or with the use of a wireless remote control.



In situations where the pumping system is only needed for a short period of time, the mobile option allows for a temporary installation. This option is also useful when electrical hookup is not available as these systems are powered by a diesel engine and are fully self contained.

Mobile-Fish passage

Why are CanaVac Fish Pumps perfect for Fish Passage?

Our systems are very gentle on fish, we have extensive experience with building mobile and self contained systems (good for remote locations) and we have had 3 installations with very good results.

In order for spawning fish to navigate obstructive dams, traditional means such as fish ladders can be ineffective in low water conditions and very expensive to construct. CanaVac pumps will transfer the fish over the obstruction quickly and without causing harm to the fish

  • The fish remain in the water for the entire process
  • No human contact with the fish
  • A very versatile solution especially if the fish ladder is taken offline due to repair work.
  • A proven solution with very positive results

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