As land based fish growing technology evolves, so does the CanaVac pump. No two farms are the same so designing a fish handling system to meet the needs of each farm is critical. Our approach is to design a system that not only fits the needs of the farm, but fits in the farm.

Canavac fish pump

Sea Cage & Vessel Installation

CanaVac pumps are built to withstand the harsh environment of marine environments. Not only are the systems constructed of corrosion resistant materials, they can be adapted to fit inside vessels, or have full enclosures to further protect from the elements.

Canavac fish pump in washington


The CanaVac Micro was purpose built for hatcheries. Centrifugal pumps have been commonly used for fish hatcheries however they present the risk of fish damage due to the spinning impeller the fish need to pass through. CanaVac pumps offer a solution where the fish do not encounter a single moving part. These units, while slightly larger than centrifugal pumps, can pump fish throughout their entire size range without damage or stress.

Fish Hatcheries

Why are CanaVac Fish Pumps perfect for Aquaculture?

  • the most fish friendly (damage free) option available
  • ability to meet specific needs through custom design and integration into their facility
  • build quality and customer support

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